The minimum order is two...[2] tapes.

how to place an order for tapes:

trades, see below.

  • on an 81/2 x 11 inch paper, list the tapes that you want.
  • remember to date it or it may be delayed.
  • Include with the letter:
    1. requests
    2. payment
    3. address
    4. e-mail address
  • follow the example below but do not copy it verbatim...
  • do not send us pieces of ripped paper with your request. we will delay or loose it...
  • Only CASH || MONEY ORDER is accepted. no checks.
  • make all money orders payable to:CASH, not to Bikurishita^^
  • If sending cash, only US DOLLARS.International moneyorders accepted for international orders.
  • When placing orders, e-mail us to inform us of request. place bikurishita! as the subject... or it may be delayed...
  • DO NOT send us anything that we have to sign. we don't have time to trip down to the post office and pick up letters. we are not home alot so don't send certified or whatever. If your worried about security, just use a postal money order.
  • we use high grade Fuji SVHS, high grade Fuji VHS, TDK CD-R's and DVD's
  • send your request through email
  • Donations:
    Click here for donation info


    $6 for VHS tape

    $8 for SVHS and CD

    $8 for DVD
    all international requests, e-mail for more information.

    Send all requests to:

    9775 Maryland Parkway Suite F-124
    Las Vegas, NV 89123

    Example letter (do not use...only intended as a guide):

    Konnichiwa Bikurshita,                    (current date)
    	I would like to request the following items 
    1. (the tape that you like)
    2. ...
    3. ...
    	In the envelope, I have enclosed $___ in 
    cash/money order.  I have remembered to follow 
    the steps in the RULES page.
    	My name and address is:
    	(your name and address)
    	Zenbu wa maido arigatou gozaimasu, hokani nani ka arimasu kara 
    	 e-mail shite kudasai @ (your e-mail address).  Thanks and bye-bye!
    (please sign your name)

    if you have anything else to ask, feel free to E-mail me anytime with *bikuri question* in the subject line.